Athlete Recognition

SBCF wants to take a moment each month to recognize and congratulate a specific person on all the hard work that they have been doing. This is going to be our athlete of the month club :) This is going to be a person that listens to directions and corrects movements from those directions. The athlete of the month is always going to be someone that works had and is pushing themselves to get better each and every time they are in here. This person does not need to be the strongest or the fastest or the most agile person in the gym, its going to be someone that brings much more to the table than just pure athleticism. You don’t even have to RX a WOD to be this person, we are just looking for if you are getting better consistently and pushing others to get better.

Tammy Hawley

Feb 2015 Athlete of the month
For the current month of February I want to recognize someone who I believe never thought she would be doing what she is doing now in only a few short months :) Tammy Hawley came to SBCF very hesitant and unsure. She stepped out of her comfort zone and has made improvements that have literally been inspiring to folks in the gym. I hope this doesn’t offend her but, when she first came In, a good squat seemed out of the question (let alone a smooth clean or snatch). She is now performing all movements with great urgency to put more weight on. Some people come in and fly through their strength portion to just get the WOD started, Tammy has really become a student of performing the lifts the best way that she can and to keep getting better. Take a page out of her book!

Nikki Sawulski

Dec 2014 Athlete of the Month
December athlete of the month is Nikki! If you guys know Nikki then yall definitely know that she deserves some recognition! Nikki has been training with us for a while now and has slowly become a crossfit junky:) She is in here almost every day hustling her butt off and really seeing some results from it. Ive noticed Nikki getting much more comfortable and fluid looking on all her lifts, even though she would say shes not doing it right. I like that in an athlete because she isn’t happy with just progressing, it has to be perfect, and that is the only way you can truly progress to your potential. Keep up the great work bud!!

Mitch Colley

Nov 2014, Athlete of the Month
For the month of November, I want to recognize Mitch Colley for putting in work. Everyday it seems Mitch is calling time on WODs faster and faster. The best way I would describe Mitch is just a pure hustler and a determined guy to get better every day. Not only is Mitch’s conditioning improving through the roof but all of his lifts are improving in weight and form as well. He is an easy guy to coach because you only have to tell him a correction once and he will focus on it and fix it on the spot. We are definitely proud to have this guy in the gym and look forward to watching him continue to improve and better yet, motivate others at SBCF to improve by his example!

Jordan Sprouse

Oct 2014, Athlete of the Month
Jordan is a guy that goes 1oo miles per hour every time he is in the gym. As someone that actually played against Jordan on the field once upon a time we are sure glad hes now on our team! Jordan has been making huge gains over the past few months. Its safe to say he specializes more in weightlifting being a naturally really strong guy. His coachability and determination to improve form and tweak his lifts have been giving him great increases over the last maxing period, hitting a great milestone at 225# snatch. I think even more impressive is how Jordan has increased his work capacity through getting better at cardio and gymnastics skills. Jordan also did great competing in his first CrossFit competition last month and plans on doing many more soon to come! Keep working hard Big Man!!

Kayla Reeg

Sept 2014, Athlete of the month
I remember when Kayla first came into SBCF, she seemed terrified :) haha. She is pretty much the poster girl for someone who buys into a system now. Kayla is in the gym everyday and you can see it in her eyes and attitude that she just wants to get better at everything, and she does, continuously. Coaches continuously talk about how one week she cant do a movement and then as quick as a week later, she has it down. That is determination, and taking pride in everything you do. Kayla is also starting to become involved in competitions, she and her team did awesome at the affiliate event a couple months ago, and im sure she is going to do even better at superfit ralieg at then edn of the month! Keep up the great work Kayla!

Christine Mabes

Aug 2014, Athlete of Month
Christine has been working with SBCF for about 7 months now. Almost every time myself or the other coaches see her, it seems like she gets better and better. She is on a consistent program, working out atleast 4 times per week. Although she came to us with relatively good endurance, it has gotten 100x better and she is now really starting to commit to fine-tuning her weightlifting skills. Weights are going up, and every time a coach offers a correction, she takes it to heart. Keep up the great work Christine!