1/11 - 1/16, 1 RMs, New Face lift


Hey Fit People!

So were on that holy week that everyone is always excited for (or should be excited for ;)). It’s the end of the current quarter cycle and that means Max Week! We are going to concentrate the week of the 11th to the 16th on Oly lifts. The week’s days will work like this: heavy single on snatches, recovery day, Heavy single on C & J, Recovery Day, Makeup day or just clean or just jerk, accessory or makeup. Next week will be the same format but we will only be working on power lifts: Squats, Deadlifts, presses. After that, we will start the new year with a new mesocycle with new percentages. Theres lots of ways to get your self into a heavy 1 rep. We will give you suggestions but please don’t start lifting until the coach releases you this week. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page as far as form, percentages, warmups, bailing out, etc. If you are new to the program and technique or mobility is quite up to par yet, it is completely acceptable to work higher volume- 6x2 or a 3RM. In fact if you are within a few months to the program, we would prefer you to stay in the 70-80% range. One thing that I will always see within the general crossfit world is someone saying they are trying to find a max but will do the same weight 6x.. Don’t were yourself out! Conserve your energy and strength while loading up to a single. I suggest starting with bar or light weight and flowing through accessories, powers, squats, then the full movement. Get about 4 reps at a light weight , work on doubles for a couple sets up to 70 or 75% and only do singles from there. No more than about 12 working reps should be made.

In other news, the gym got a bit of a new facelift this past weekend! We worked pretty hard to make thing the most efficient way possible for our busy classes. We took our two rigs and assembled them into one rig, and added two new platforms! We believe this will creat a better flowing class and an easier way to move equipment around the gym. With the extra platforms, use them! Often times I see newer folks that are a little hesitant of them, an will opped out for a spot on the mats. Platforms are the best spot to be in. Use them and get better J. Jordan, Mark, Kyle, Quan, Greg, an Alex dida great job setting this up, thanks to everyone that helped!!