1/25/2016- New Macrocycle and On-ramp coming

Hello all you Gods of Strength and Fitness :)

It is the last week of Jan 2016 and the first week of our new macrocycle. This is always an exciting time because just like the New Year it is a restart button. Regardless of your 2016 fitness resolutions, starting a new cycle is for regrouping, assessing and relearning. Id like to give a quick explanation of how our strength and conditioning program works(that’s right we’ll tell the world what we do because no one else can do it as well!). We use a cyclical or periodized strength program that works in blocks of 3 weeks of increasing intensity(mesocycle) and one week of decreased intensity(deload week). We will continue these 4 week blocks of ramp ups and deloads for 3 months (or 1 annual quarter). In a simple line graph your intensity under a barbell will look something like this:


A couple more distinctions to make is that intensity is calculated from given percentages of your 1 rep maxes. If you missed them, that is exactly what we have been doing for the last two weeks. For a newbie recently coming into our program, have no fear, we don’t believe it is really necessary for you to know these numbers yet. What is necessary for you is to work with the coaches to become technically proficient with the Olympic and power movements, and to mobilize to get the range of motion required for those movements. As we move through the next 12 weeks you will begin to understand your limits and comfortability with certain intensities on different movements. The other distinction is that it is assumed that as intensity goes up through the cycle, volume (amount of reps) will also go down. That means that early in the cycle we will go through a period of lighter/medium w8 at high volume (you can call this the hypertrophy phase of our cycle, which will cause muscles to grow and become more defined) and will move into higher w8 at lower reps until we 1 rep max again(you can call this the neurological phase).

Now the next issue has long been a debate in the fitness world and I get this question often. How does one include a crossfit regiment which seems “constantly varied” into a structured strength program? Well simply put, we tend to follow the same basic principle. Only you are adding more movements and skills, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning. Just as our strength will cycle through oly days, power days and accessory days, our wods will cycle through work capacity via strength movement days, gymnastics days, Cardio Days, and Recovery/accessory/skill days. The decision of whether you are utilizing anaerobic energy (shorter sprint wods) or Aerobic energy (longer cardio wods) will depend on the cycle date. The important thing is that you are getting a good mix of both that will prepare you for any athletic feat!

This is just some of the background info that goes into making you look and feel awesome :) That said prepare for this week to be light with high volume, especially in the power lifts and WODs.

Another note: remember that we will be conducting our SBCF on ramp course starting next week on Mon, Wed, and Fri at 6:15 pm. This means the normal L1 class at 6pm will not be conducted(Only the barbell strength class at 6pm). If you are new, a recent Groupon user, thinking about being new, or a long time member that has been wanting a buddy or family member to come in, this is your week! Our on-ramp course consists of three classes that create an open forum for learning the common fundamentals. If you want to learn more about CrossFit and weightlifting and determine if this is the right program for you, then there is no better time then now! New Year’s resolutions are just getting underway, and 90% of those are already forgotten. Don’t forget yours! Your body and mind need you to make that decision now! Contact the SBCF coaching crew now to reserve your spot today!

Here is a good article from our friends at AIRROSTI for making goals and keeping them in the new year! http://www.airrosti.com/keeping-new-years-resolution/