6/29- 7/4
We got a lot of awesome stuff going on this week guys. First of all, we have our newbie introduction to CrossFit course
going on this week. This on ramp will last 3 classes in the evenings at 6:15 pm mon, wed, and Fri. If you dont know the

logistics of this course, put simply, if you are relatively new to this program and the gym, then come to this course. This

course is designed to teach you the most basic mechanics of the movements that we utilize in Crossfit. Alot of these

movements require a high degree of mobility in the ankles hips, back, and shoulders. As the movements are tought we

will ensure that any lacking range of motion will be assessed and improved upon so that all movements can be performed

safely and accurately. If you are just starting the program, are on a groupon deal, or are still unsure of basics machanics,

Please make sure you come to these classes. It is very important to getting benefit out of our fitness structure. Classes are

now listed on your class list to sign up for, if you aren’t in the system, please email or contact Alex to sign up!

Second, For those of you who have gone through this current mesocycle, we are retesting maxes on our major lifts: Clean,

Jerk, CJ, Snatch, FS, BS, and Deadlifts. This will be going on throughout the next two weeks. We will perform a max test, MWF,

and have recovery days on Tues & Thurs. Take pride in these numbers. These lifts show the improvement that you have been

working so hard for. They will also be the numbers that you will be working from for the next 12 weeks. That said, please make

sure you remeber your maxes. There are places in your profile that you can save them or just put them on the goals board

along with your next goal. These need to be a true 1 rep max, so even though it is more effiecient to perform full lifts or

“Squat lifts”, if mobility isnt to par, then it is completely acceptable to power your lifts if you can do more with that variation.

Third announcement, We have a new coach in training! We are transitioning Kyle Sutton into a roll to help us out with getting

you guys the best instruction on weightlifting, gymnastics, and crossfit in the Richmond area! Kyle is new to coaching but has

immersed himself in Strength and conditioning theory and and technique/form work for the past year. Kyle is also in the

process of getting his CSCS, and will be receiving his CrossFit Level 1 certification next month. Welcome him as he starts

coaching classes and take his advice to heart as you do with all our other great coaches!

4th and last announcement, Sat is July 4th. And we plan on doing a special wod that day for the holiday at 10:30 am. Weve also

been doing the granite games wods for pain train on saturdays, If youve been submitting your wods, we can do those


Check out the articles below on maxing out. Keep on trucking!



**See Whiteboard link above for more WOD info**