12/14 to 12/19 cycle info and Christmas schedule

Hey All!

So we are into the middle of week 9 now. This is coming off a deload week and starting the final training block of our last mesocycle of the year. Over the next few weeks, we are going to increase intensity on strength so as approaching heavy singles then we are going to back off on week 12 before we max out again! Oly lifting is going to be straight up this week- no cutesy variations, just the full lift. We are however going to be doing some drop sets of oly work, which we don’t usually do so we can keep the muscles guessing. Always good to keep changing it up! Power lifts are going to be pretty varied, utilizing everything from bench press(That’s right I said bench press in Crossfit), EMOMs for squats, and deadlift complexes near the end of the week. Look for some long drawn out wods this week then we’ll pick up the intensity and work shorter anaerobic wods next week. Pay extra attention to mobility this week guys. I want to see some real changes being made in range of motion during warmups and some intentional recovery during cooldowns. With a little bit of a break that most people are going to take during Christmas, it will help!

If you didn’t make it out with us this past weekend, our annual Christmas party was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves. Making up a team isn’t just the aspect of struggling through wods with one another, building comradery and getting to know one another outside of the gym setting is huge for the community as well. Cant wait for the next party!

And… of course… next week is Christmas!!! Our schedule will be a little different. Mon, tues, and Wed are normal. Thursday(Christmas eve) we will only be open at a 11am for a special Christmas wod, that I hope a lot of you guys won’t be out of town for J Get ready for SBCF’s 12 days of Christmas WOD.. Oh Yeahhhh J We will then be closed Friday and Saturday.

See yall at that holy place we call the gym!