2015 Mesocycle 3, Week 1


So first off, you guys are awesome. I saw a lot of determination and will power over the last two weeks during our maxing period. Lots of PRs and lots of encouragement from one another. Seeing team work in a crossfit box or Weightlifting club makes these things special and that's exactly what yall have done- made your team of athletes, students and friends more then just a gym. The care for that shows in those new maxes and PRs. Cannot wait for the next round. That said, maxing out for a training block is pretty hectic and tiring. It will be nice to get back on regular programming starting this week. Funds classes and Level 1 classes are separated again, and you will have more structure on rep schemes.

The next couple training blocks will be pretty standard for starting off a new cycle: Lower intensity and higher volume in general, 3 weeks of increasing intensity followed by a week of deload. after a couple of those three week training blocks well start doing some more fun stuff like intensive squat cycles, pulling cycles, 5rm & 3 RM, and various complexes.

This week, L1 wont be doing anything crazy, getting oly lifts into 75% for a couple reps, squats and power lifts a little bit lower with higher volume, Not much accessory work and wods that should require some good skill work and conditioning. Funds will be slightly lower, keeping oly lifts at 70% and working from hang positions. Barbell is going to be mixed up a bit with some complexes, EMOMs, and slightly heavier weight than the L1 tack to start off the cycle.

One thing to concentrate on that I saw a lot of during maxing periods is that we are not very comfortable with our third pulls (Dropping under the bar). This is by far the main concern for any weightlifting club/crossfit box. So its not uncommon. It is the freaky part of snatches for sure but you can not see improvement until you say "Screw the damn bar, im going to get under it no matter what!" The need for that commitment to the bar is crucial. "Powering" the bar bar on a max really should not be a option at all unless there is a reason for not getting under it. Besides a prior injury, with all the mobility work that we do, there should be no reason. I don't know how many times ive said last week "Its in your head" With that said, if you are one of those folks that are having a hard time committing to those drops and because of that is at a sticking point, I want you to consistently work some extra accessory work. Add it into the regular programming and the coaches will help you- add in some snatch balances, drop snatches, pause at the bottom of squats,High Hang variations, hip mobility, etc. Anything you need to do to get comfortable with the bottom position and even more so, getting there quickly. All in all, the last two weeks showed me how great you guys have been working to get results and it is showing. Everyday we get stronger, faster, fitter, healthier. Keep it up! and look forward to a new 12 week cycle!