6/12 -6/19, Week 7

Hey Guys! Sorry its been a little while since weve updated the blog. Hopefully yall have been getting your SBCF info straight from us in the gym! We do have a couple new updates that I think is worthy to put up here though.

First, a little update with the schedule: Hopefully this is going to work with the coaches and members’ work/life schedule so this should be the last time we change things around. We know its annoying to get used to new class times so we do apologize but we think this is going to help everyone! We are going to all morning classes, M-F, at 5:40 and 6:40am. 5:40 will always be L1 and 6:40 will always be Funds. In addition to that we are rolling out a new type of class. This will be called our “Express” Class. Taken from a page in Kalipa’s programming book, this class is meant for the athlete with a busy schedule. This will be a 30 min class and will consist of just a wod or just a strength element based on a rotating schedule. This should allow people to get in and get out quick for work while still getting their workout in! These time slots will be on Tues and Thurs at 7:40am and MWF at 12pm. everything else and all evening classes is staying as is. This schedule will take effect starting July 1st. Let us know if you have any questions!

Second, this is a little bit of a ways off but we want to give people plenty notice to plan ahead! Starting in Aug we are also going to be rolling out a new type of On-Ramp class. This will be different from previous On-Ramp structures in a few ways. Its going to be a little longer and a little more in depth. This will consist of three classes per week for three weeks. Performed on Tues, Thurs, and Sat at 7:15pm during the week and 10am on Saturdays. We plan to do this about every two months, so during these times the 7:15pm L1 and the 10am L1 will be replaced with this class. We are going to require all newbies and grouponers to attend these classes so other class times wont be quite as filled. This will help us ensure a strong understanding of the basics to ease people into our program. The other thing that will be different about this on-ramp is that it will be a $75 charge. We have lots of big plans and learning structures set up for this, so believe me, this is well worth it for the beginning athlete! Be sure to let your friends and family know about this because we know so much benefit is going to be had for newer members.

Lastly, and this isn’t anything new but we want to talk about were we are in our mesocycle and how weve been progressing. We just finished up week 6. That put us right in the middle of the current strength cycle and that is associated with 2 rep maxes or heavy doubles. This was pretty awesome to see because I witnessed a lot of people match their 1 rep with doubles or even PR it… That’s crazy increases in just 6 weeks… Awesome work guys! Last week was for oly lifts and you will see the same thing for some power lifts this week. Next week will be a bit of a rest with some deloads. Keep up the good work guys and keep up the intensity!!