8/22- 8/29: Party, mobility, squats

Hello Strong people, We got a few updates for ya! First of all, congrats to all who competed in Superfit RVA last week. Yall did amazing. We had folks that this was there first competition and we had folks that are pretty seasoned in competing. Regardless of how experienced you are, I saw everyone laying it all out there and working till they dropped. That’s what competing is all about- heart and intensity. Well I saw plenty of that!

Second congrats to all our new folks that just completed on ramp classes. Welcome them to the gym and please continue to help them learn along their fitness journeys(Just like everyone!). We wont be running another one until December. Tell your friends and family to get ready ☺

A couple other events coming up that I want everyone to know about. We are having a BBQ party on Sat Aug 27th at 2pm. Classes that day will be normal. Afterwards hang out and drink some good brews and good food with GREAT people! Feel free to bring family and friends, especially those that are interested in crossfit ;) Hope to see lots of you all there!

Sept 8th at 6:15(In place of the L1/barbell class) we are doing a mobility seminar with our friends at Arrosti. These mobility seminars are woth so much to any athlete no matter how advanced or green you are. They will go over tactics and movements for recovery and healing while working out. Make sure you put this on your calendar.

Also we are hosting a workout for "Lift up Autism" This is a great charity for a great cause. We will be doing this WOD Sat Sept 10th at 10 instead of the normal class. Please check out the link below and donate. This gets you a shirt and a sweet WOD! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/shockoe-bottom-crossfit-lift-up-autism-2016-tickets-27136533101?ref=ebtn

Lastly I have an update on programming. We are starting a new squat cycle this week that is going to be very exciting. This will last for 6 weeks, so it changes up our regular routine quite a bit within our 4th cycle of the year. We will be squatting 3 times per week and one of those days will be front squat. Unlike previous squat cycles, these days will be rotating to hopefully stop you guys from subconsciously cherry picking days. Even though front squats are mixed in with back squats, it will stay periodized, on an increasing scale. This means that front squat percentages given will be off your back squat max. Remember this, but coaches will remind you. Also we decided to do this for the funds classes as well. Since funds will be running off the same strength as L1, we thought it would make it easy for funds wods to be the same as L1 during this cycle also. Be prepared to see the same classesfor each for the next couple months. Keep up the good work guys. See ya in the dojo