Comps/ New Schedule/ programming: 2/8 to 2/13

Fellow gym goers,

Another new week of awesomeness is upon us at SBCF and we got lots of news for you(We always have news for you, that’s because we always got sweet shit going on!). First of all, Many congratulations to all our athletes that competed at the superfit competition this past weekend. It was one of the biggest turnouts weve had for our athletes in an event like this. If you weren’t there… man you missed a sweet show! Much love goes out to Mark/Van, Greg/Juli, Tammy/Brad, Mitch/Neil, Quan/and Matt, Steph/Kayla, Chelsea/Eyse, Mary/Lindsay, Julia/Victoria. Heres the recap:

Mark and Van opened up their first event with hitting big numbers on their Clean & Jerks. Mark hit a solid 285, and Van hit a super impressive 195, which was very high up there for females in all divisions. That put them in 5th right out the gates. Greg’s partner was originally a friend from home. Unfortunately she wrenched her back in that event and Julie stepped up. Let me tell you about this girl…. Juli is a great athlete but she is brand new to the gym and brand new to CrossFit. Her third crossfit wod ever was in an RXd competition with Greg!!! That shows guts and just a plain inspiration to anyone that wants to try something new and step out of their comfort zone!! Now on to the Sunday crew…All teams were out of control. I cant even tell you how many PRs were made on the clean & jerks- I think it was pretty much everyone haha. More so, Steph and Kayla tied 2nd for the C & J(obviously my favorite!) ! During the second event I saw our girls will themselves to string together 7,8,9,10+ pullups when they may have only put a few together before or not have even gotten one before! I saw Chelsea do at least 5 pullups during the WOD when she hasn’t even done one before! Third event was more of the same, everybody hustled their asses off! Julie and Victoria ended up getting 12th(Ibelieve) out of 60 teams and they just started CrossFit 6 months ago. Im so proud of them and I cant wait to see them and everyone else continue to Improve! Now… this brings me to the finals….Steph and Kayla were sitting in first after an impressive showing on all 3 wods(Never coming in below 2nd). During the finals 3 things happened- I lost my voice from yelling too hard, I almost shit my pants from nerves, and Step and Kayla won the whole damn thing!! They laid it all out there and came out on top. They had a goal and they accomplished it not yesterday but in the gym training for this moment for the past 6 months. That’s where you find out who you truly are!! Congrats to everyone!!!

Now onto less exciting things….Dont forget guys next week we are moving to an updated class schedule starting feb 15th. Below is the schedule.


One thing to take note of is the Open gym in the morning on tues and Thursday. We did this because we don’t want to take away any opportunities for yall to get in here and work out but lets face it, this is a little bit of an awkward and sketchy time with no coach on duty. So there are a couple of rules going to be regarding this time so that you can utilize this:

1- a coach will approve you. We will put you on the list, don’t ask to be put on!

2- You have to be in good standing with the gym and no back payments due

3- You have to be a member for at least 3 months and comfortable being alone

4- Lastly be on a regular workout routine, consistently coming in 3x per week.

We will have updates to the back code every month as this group changes. It will then be sent out to everyone that will utilize it. During open gym the front door is to remain locked and members will only use the back door. Any questions concerning this can be directed to Greg or Alex.


Next subject: Our cycle is on week 3 of the new macro cycle. This third week is the last week of intensity increases before our first deload next week. Watch to see some EMOMs being utilized with our Oly lifts to speed ya up a bit. Also Watch for some pauses with Power lifts. Oly will stay just under 80% and power lifts will stay in high volume for about 70%. Funds is primarily the same without EMOMs and BB will also be working some stop variations of Oly lifts.

Last thing guys, don’t forget the CrossFit open is coming up in a couple weeks. Everyone should register and participate. This is a fun community thing for us and we will be doing them in the gym each sat. Usually well finish up and go to brunch or something so please participate because it is awesome!