Cycle 11, class updates

Hello strong people.

Got some updates for yall! First, we are on week 11 of our 3rd quarter cycle of the year. We are finishing off our back squat cycle this week. That means its going to be a sore week. Weights will increase, lets make sure we get through this with staying healthy! Smash/ roll/ stretch as needed. If anything starts to feel junky- Be smart about it! Just because its on the board, it doesn’t mean it 100% has to be done. Number one rule of thumb, if it hurts in a way that is different than general soreness and usage, then don’t do it. After this week we will go on a restful deload and then we are gonna kick it back up and retest. For any new folks over the past few months that have been needing their 1 RMs, this is your time. Getting new PRs is an exciting thing. Don’t take it for granted J

One thing we need to mention is unless you have been living under a rock, Richmond has been overrun by bicycles, road blocks, and traffic J I keep getting the question- Are we open? Yes, schedule is completely normal as of now for the week. But that does not mean it wont change. Road blocks aren’t too bad to get down here but it may get worse… don’t know… Just keep an eye on facebook if we have to update..

There will need to be a couple changes in schedule unrelated to the race though at the end of the week and next week. Saturday the 26th, morning classes will be canceled because of no coach availability due to one crazy wedding day..;). There will be an open gym however during the normal gym times. Please note there will be no coaches and if you come in, you will be on your own to get warmed up, do your own strength, and start the wod whenever you’re ready. When you come in for open gym, please use the back door(the front door will stay locked). Obviously we are not going to give the code out to the entire community, so if you plan on coming to open gym, there will be a sign up on your profiles. We will appoint a few folks with the code that signed up so that everyone can get in.

Next week, Sept 28th- Oct 3rd will be similar, due to Alex being away for a week and the other coaches not being able to be here 24-7. Wednesday the 30th and Friday the 2nd will be completely Open gym days, All other days are normal. Again, this will be shown on your profiles and any help needed with the back code will be orchestrated by the coaches and a few appointees. If you have any questions about this schedule, make sure you ask us now.