4/6 – 4/13
It has definitely been an exciting few weeks packed full of tough wods and new PRs! Moving from the open wods to find
new maxes has been pretty intnese. Now that we have retested, we are now starting the 2nd 12 week mesocycle of the

year. This week we are re grouping with low intensity and high volume to recover from a couple weeks of heavy lifting.

During this entire cycle, I want everyone to focus on their weaknesses and what needs to be done to continue hitting PRs.

Ask yourself what is holding you back from the gain train. If its a certain aspect of your pulls, or not committing to drops,

or a squat/pull ratio is out of whack, etc. reflect on that. Know what you are in need of. The program in generalized to

get you better at everything but know what you need the most. If you have no idea what that is, ask your coaches! The

coaches are always happy to help and offer a little insight in addition to your regular work schedule. This is a great time

to figure those things out being that we are on lighter recovery weights with lots of attempts. Also dont be hesitant to get

your coaches to help you with goal planning. The Goals board has been erased and I want everyone that is serious about

their fitness(which should be everyone) to put new goals on the board. People naturally hold themselves accountable to

goals if other people know them! And put dates on those goals so they are measurable!

The start of a cycle is great time to start the program up for a newbie and learn the material. That raises the last subject I

want to hit on. Weather you are new to the program or a veteran please try to make it in to the appropriate classes. a

veteran working on technical aspects and timing of pulls and positioning specific to your own body mechanics should not be

in the same class as someone who is trying to learn what a snatch is or what a clean is. This makes it difficult on the coaches

and inevitably both groups suffer. If a coach has to make sure someone is just learning a movement during an level 1 class the

intricate aspects may be missed out on by the veteran. And vice versa if a coach is working on technical tweak that only someone

with a strong base would understand in a funds class, then that newbie may miss out on some common cues. This is why we have

class distinctions. Please use the appropriate class time so that everyone can benefit. We are also planning on rolling out a on Ramp

class soon which should make these divisions even better so that everyone can transition to the next level as smoothly and quickly

as possible. Look for more info on this to be released this month. Thanks and keep up the great work guys!!

**See Whiteboard link above for more WOD info**