1/12 -1/19
Ok boys and girls, as most of you know, we are starting the 2nd week of a new cycle. These first few weeks
are going to be alot of volume. By the end of the week you should be pretty sore, but not broken down as if

you were doing high intensity/low volume. You will probably be within the 10-12 rep range before you get to

75% this week. There will also be alot of accessory work with two lifts per day for the most part. Most of you

that have been within the program for over a couple months should have all your major maxes. If you dont

have one of those maxes, this is the last week I want you to make those up.

Barbell Class, I want to be working on stops and pauses to reinforce good bar paths. Level 1, I want to be working

power variations to a moderately heavy weight to work on explosive pulls. And, Fundamentals will be working more

on Hang squat variations to drill speed on getting under the bar.

Now that the new year has come and gone reflect and concentrate on your short term and long term goals for the year.

Do not fall into the trap of new year resolutions that last a month. Go over your goals in your head, and imagine what it

will feel like when reaching those goals to keep you motivated. Commit to the fact that everytime you step on the platform

or start a wod that is one step closer to reaching those goals. Lets make it a good week with lots of high energy!!!

**See Whiteboard link above for more WOD info**