1/19 -1/25

We are on our 3rd week of our first cycle of the year. This is our last increase in intensity before our first

deload next week! Weve also been easing a little more with our increases for the first part of this cycle

since we finished up the year with such a long Bulgarian stint. Weights typically aren’t too much higher

this week then last week but there is a bit more volume with in that 70-75% range, especially on your

squats :)

Level 1 Classes are working Olympic lifts from High hang and Hang positions, I want you to reinforce

good bar paths. Those starting positions should be along the same curve as if you were pulling from the floor.

Fundamentals, we are drilling Power snatches and Cleans, I like doing these more for typical beginners so you

don’t have to worry about any mobility challenges of getting under the bar, so concentrate on fluid pulls, fast

elbows, and easy receiving of the bar. Barbell Classes are concentrating on Full Lifts, getting a little bit heavier,

with singles and a lot of squat and press variations. Yeah Hypertrophy!

Next week, get ready for a special mobility clinic to learn new movements for range of motion and stiff muscles/joints.

Tuesday night at 6pm. See yall in the house of swole!

**See Whiteboard link above for more WOD info**