Cycle info Week 4- Delaod week

Hey Guys and Girls,

Update on programming and gym news for ya as always. This is a good week, we are on our 4th week of the current quarter cycle. That means we are on a bit of a deload. The first block’s deload of a cycle is very drastic… reason being we just started the cycle over so we really haven’t gotten on intense percentages that requires a big rest week. Lat week our Oly lifting got to about 80%, utilizing a good amount of volume from EMOMs. This week, we are keeping our oly lifts to around 70-75% with similar volume. Between the L1 and Barbell there is also some complex maxes and 3RMs on accessories which should relate to about 70-75%. Over the past couple weeks the level 1 track has been moving perfectly with some different paced WODS that we talked about in the last post. It already looks like that change up has been helping some of you a lot! Keep up the good work and you will see some great gainz through the end of 2015!

Recently Ive gotten a couple questions on one issue, I want to make sure everyone understands. What is the difference between L1 and funds? Really folks, there is not that big of a difference at all. Every strength, every skill, every wod no matter which class you are in is scalable to suit your own ability. The main difference is that funds class produces a better opportunity for the coach to explain the basics of your strength movements. And, sometimes newer folks like to be with other newer folks for a more comfortable ease into the sport. The WOD may be a little harder in an L1, but not really- its all relative for how hard and fast you push yourself. Now it does NOT have to be perfect but as long as you know what a snatch is, what and clean and jerk is, what deadlifts and squats are , etc. Then feel free to come into an L1 class if that’s easier for you.

Onto more fun stuff: Christmas party!!! Weve had a blast for a Christmas party every year since the open of SBCF. All members, potential members, families, and good friends are invited. This year we are going to have it Decemeber 12th. We will meet at the gym around 7:30 and then head next door to On the ROX where they always accommodate us in great style! And don’t forget to wear your tackiest sweater!

Also good luck to everyone this coming weekend who has been training for the Richmond marathon, half, or whatever distance you are doing. I know yall have been working hard and it will show!