2/2- 2/8

1st Congrats to all you Pats fans out there. Hope you all enjoyed the big game, ate lots of food, and had fun
with friends and family! However I hope you guys wont be recovering from superbowl sunday too much on

monday morning :) we have some fun programming lined up for you in week 5!

We are increasing intensity this week, and oh boy we are increasing it hard! That means fun times and high

energy in the gym right? We are primarily going to be working up to the 85% range, throw some drop sets

at you for power lifts, work complexes and some heavy doubles. Staying stong on the program is going to be

hard this week, but hell, if it wasnt hard everyone would do it. Lets see what your made of and take care of

by eating for recovery and getting plenty of rest/sleep.

Other notes: Bend the bar events’ first season is going to be released this week. We are going to nestle these

wods into our program so it is going to be incredibly nice and easy for SBCF athletes to submit their scores. For

all of us, we get into the program for free, so set your profile up now at www.bendthebarevents.com. CrossFit

Open prep has been going awesome in our Pain train classes, and BTB will also help you out immensely to

start competing for something.

See Whiteboard link above for more WOD info