Cycle info week 6

Ok awesome people, Its been a little while since we've updated you on everything- gym events, cycle info etc. We are now in week 6 of our 12 week program, putting us smack dab in the middle. A lot of you have been realizing this also. This is right around the cycle where you should probably be feeling the sorest. Last week and this week we are in medium/heavy weight(80-88%) while keeping up a high degree of volume. Take care of all the little tweaks and muscle soreness so it doesn't become an injury. Make sure you are taking mobility serious both before and after class. Get with the coaches, ask for extra advice about something that might be hurting, get a lacrosse ball or a roller and mobilize at home also, Don't let that scar tissue build up. Mobilizing to stay healthy is an ongoing practice guys, if you let up on maintnence, you body will let up on you :). I know we preach it hard in the gym, but to really stay on top of the soreness its gotta be done at home too!

With that said, this week is going to be tough, fun, and heavy! Youll notice we are working a lot of odd percentages, maybe only a couple percentage points higher as you increase. For some of you, these may not be big increases, for some it still is. Try to round up if possible if your increase is below 5lbs on certain lifts. You shouldn't have that problem as much with power lifts like squats and deadlifts. We are also going to be working a lot of accessory lifts- 2 strength movements for the day on most of the week. This means WODs will probably be shorter than regular or structured more regimentally, using EMOMs. Fundamentals percentages, will be about the same as L1, but will work a little more oly work to get extra technique practice in, where as L1 is going to be working a little more squats this week. I know I know... we always work squats- be thankful for that, its good for you :)


Other news with the gym:

1st) Thankyou to all our new folks that participated in our on-ramp course the other week. Very successful and great attendance for people that want to learn more, and learn it the right way! As you see these new folks in the gym getting acclimated to the movements and the process, be sure to help them out. We were all there at one point. Encourage one of you new team mates to keep going or to give a tip hear and there that might have been passed on to you. That is what our community is about and I love seeing it happen.


2nd) If you don't know about it, you haven't been paying much attention to the "Announcements board". We are doing a mock weightlifting meet on Aug 28th for fun. This will be followed by hanging out, drinking, and good times! So I should be seeing almost everyone signed up for this! There is no pressure, it is just a way to show off some lifting and understand how a meet is run. This great timing in the midst of USA Nationals going on right now! Even if you know your not going to throw up a lot of weight, I want to see you there just for experience and team building! There is a sign up sheet in the gym. Make sure your name gets on it! Bring some beer with you for afterwards and lets see how if we can get Coach Mark Braithwaite to show us his drunk face! :) :)