2/8- 2/15
Congrats to everyone that competed in Superfit east coast this past weekend. It was awesome! Mark & Alex,
Kayla & Mary, Jordan & Greg, Anton & Quan all did an amazing job and did SBCF proud!! Keep Competing,

keep getting better and have something like this to motivate you to keep your training purposeful. Approach

Alex or one of the other coaches if you might be interested in competing in CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting.

Now lets get to the programming for week 6!

We are increasing intensity again this week by about another 5% by your ending sets. Primerily in the 85% range,

if you feel good on the Olympic lifts to go to 90%, then do it. Accessory and power lifts will be fun, utilizing some

EMOM work and lots of volume! Fundamentals classes are going to be working some pause variations on Pulls

to reinforce correct bar paths, and strengthen transition muscles. Barbell is going to be a tough week getting into

90% for sure, I want to see some clean reps. Don’t forget barbell guys, if that strain on the body is over wearing,

take a break from a couple CrossFit classes.

Other notes: Bend the bar events’ first season got under way this week. If you did not get a chance to do the wod

or Lift, that is completely ok, it will still befit you to work on the competition aspect of it for the next workouts coming

up. Also if you have not signe dup for the CrossFit open, DO IT! :) everyone should be doing it. It is a fun, team building

experience that only makes you better. And if you have some time we would love anyone who is interested in it to take

the judges course as well to help us out

**See Whiteboard link above for more WOD info**