2/16- 2/21
We are directly in the middle of the current mesocycle, starting week 7. Volume is dropping, and intensity is increasing
before a much needed deload next week. Level 1 will be getting into so heavy power cleans and Funds will be working

some extra pulls. Squat volume will actually go up a good bit in volume and down a bit in weight to work a little more

strength instead of just neuro changes. Barbell classes are going to be working from blocks and will be working some

heavy full variations as well

Other notes: if you still have not signed up for the CrossFit open, get it out of the way while you can. Do not be

intimidated by this. It is not tradition competition style. Everyone who wants to do the workout will have a chance

every Saturday at the gym and it is a fun team building experience. Also if you can, it would be a great help if we

can get som volunteers to do the judges course at https://oc.crossfit.com/

**See Whiteboard link above for more WOD info**