2/23- 2/3

So this week is huge!! Some awesome things going on at SBCF. First, lets get some announcements out. Tuesday night

at 6pm the usual crossfit class is canceled and replaced with a nutrition seminar! Weve been waiting a while to get this

seminar going and are really excited about it. This is going to be hosted by Tina Shiver at Lighten up Richmond. Alot of

info is going to be presented on how to eat for your goals safely, how to eat for recovery, and planning nutrition

programs to reach those goals. Come with questions and bring energy to this to make the most out of this opportunity.

Second, and of course all of you should already know this, this week is kicking off the 2015 CrossFit Open!!! We will be

conducting this WOD as a team on Saturdays. The normal saturday schedule will be on hold and we are going to start the

WOD at 10:30am and it will go however long we need it to. Remember, this is completely open to everyone in the gym,

and even friends if you can get them to come in. You dont have to submit your score if you dont want to and it will be

completely scalable just like any other workout if you are not submitting. If you are submitting please make sure you

create your profile at www.crossfitgames.com as soon as possible and join the shockoe crossfit team! Also everybody

that is willing to help out with judging, please make sure the judges course is completed before Saturday.

Now as far as this weeks programming, we are on a much deserved deload week. You guys all blew me away last week,

keeping up with those strength percentages and getting through those WODS. This week Volume is slightly up and lower

intensity will give you a much needed rest. Fundamentals is going to be working on power variations plus squats. Focus on

receiving the bar in a good squat stance(Not too wide) so that you can engage the squats with out re adjusting. Level one

is going to be working some high volume EMOMS from the hang position and full to increase work capacity. Barbell classes

are going to be working some block work to make your pulls more effiecientand some 3 RMs for power lifts to work more

strength. Enjoy! See you guys in the gym!

**See Whiteboard link above for more WOD info**