6/1- 6/7
So its been a bit of a while since last we updated the current cycle info on this blog. A lot of great stuff has been going
on! We just wrapped up our 3 week squat cycle with a deload last week. It didn’t really feel like a deload starting the

week off with Murph! I was sore for 3 days :) Great work to all you guys that took on that challenge on Memorial day.

It was a fantastic day and a great way to honor and remember some of the soldiers that gave their life’s for us!

Now that we are on week 9, and that the squat cycle went so well, we thought that the we would keep putting it to

you guys with another power cycle! This time we are going to deadlifts with the same style of decreasing volume and

increasing sets & Intensity over the next 3 weeks. Mondays will be our 5×6 days, wed will work more accessory with

6×3 from the snatch grip, and Wednesdays will own 7×4.

Also don’t forget to register for the granite games qualifiers! This is going to be a remote format just like the crossfit open.

When you register make sure you join the team “Shockoe Strong” When these get going in late june we will be conducting

these wods during pain train classes on Saturdays.

Keep up the great work!

**See Whiteboard link above for more WOD info**