Cycle week 10, squat training block

Hello awesome people. So first thing first, lets get yall updated on how awesome our programming is! Starting last week(week 9) and going for three weeks, we are implementing a mini squat cycle into our regular L1 strength programming. We did this same training block in the middle of last quarter mesocycle. For yall who did it or for anyone who has done Smolov jr, it is very similer to smolov. It is very long, its very hard, it does not leave a lot of room for accessory, BUT… you will get stronger and more proficient with handling load on the midline which transfers over to all movements!

A couple main differences though. We are going to squat three days a week- MWF instead of the usual 4 in Smolov. This will give us a chance to add in a little more accessory and keep up with WODs as well. Last week we obviously did Tues, thurs, and sat since Monday was a holiday. Every second day, we will be working from the front rack to switch it up a bit and make it more functional rather than just a power lifting block. Compared to Smolov, we will also be utilizing Less sets, more volume per set, and similer intensities. The weekly increments will already be in the percentages for the day as well. Make sure you are keeping up with mobility. Do it often and do it aggressively, we cant let scare tissue build up decrease mobility in the face of extra stability.

In other News, our SBCF On-Ramp course on MWF at 6:15 pm!! This is about the 4th month we have done this 3 class overview, and as a coach, we love it!!! Its an incredibly easy and low stress environment for a newbie to get a grasp on some of the complex movements required to jump into the program. While beginning CrossFit or Weightlifting this week is worth its weight in Gold, especially if you are using a free trial or groupon class to use this. So… bring in your friends and share the awesomeness that is SBCF. Tell yo momma, yo poppa, siblings, Husband/wife, Friends, coworkers, gardeners, Pool boy, local bar keep, Uber driver, teacher and anyone else I forgot! Hahaha