Cycle Week 2

Congrats to Coach Lauren Van De Kamp for winning her division at the superfit commonwealth games in northern VA this past weekend. Lauren is a warrior at functional fitness competitions and does SBCF proud every time the clock starts 3.2.1 GO! When our competitors show up like this it really tells the world that those guys at SBCF are serious about what they are doing! Competition is an important thing guys. It does something to your workouts that probably wont happen with out it. No matter what your thing is: CrossFit, Oly lifting, power lifting, long distance, or just a game of soft ball, competing in that arena against others is a huge motivator. Often times working out for general fitness and health can be put on the back burner unfortunately. One great way to keep that drive and determination is to have something tangible to be training for such as placing at or winning an event. I encourage everyone to use that since of competition as a tool to keep your workouts going strong!


Before we get into programming, one other thing. Please make sure you are signing up for classes guys. We use that function and cap classes off at 12 for a reason. IF the 5pm or 6pm is full then please make sure you come to the 7pm or even try out a morning. I know, I know its hard to get up that early, but try it, you may find out that it fits even better for you :) When classes have 16+ people in them, its unfortunate because each student may not get the attention they deserve. Its hard for a coach to be efficient and for the system to work correctly if he/she cant get around to everyone. This holds even more true for newbies or groupon/living social trials- If you don't sign up, its hard to keep track of your classes used and we need you to learn the basics as solidly as possible!

As far as the programming this week, cycle week 2, I am psyched. This should be a good week to continue learning and to help you get more comfortable under those med w8s. BB will be sprinkled with EMOMs, drop sets, and pauses to mix things up with a medium working volume. L1 80% on oly lifts and keep volume high for power lifts. WODs will be more endurance based, so make sure you keep your pace, especially in this heat! Keep getting after it guys, and keep getting better!