Cycle week 5, 11/15-11/21: working hard!

Ok Guys got some more programming info for the week of 11/16 – 11/21. We are on Week 5 of the current mesocycle and just freshly coming off last week’s deload. For Oly Lifts we are utilizing some complexes within EMOMS with pauses at the end of your first pulls. This is a great way to reinforce a good bar path and isometriclly strengthen the midline. Strong core is huge when putting the bar where you need to when setting up for second pull obviously! Power lifts are going to be right around 40% with high volume for that weight and increase intensity/drop volume a little by the end of the week. Barbell Classes are working with a little heavier load after the deload. Lots of accessory work this week as well. That should give the main musle groups a little more umph to hit it hard next week! For Funds weve been seing some great new athletes coming into the program with little effort to getting down the movements. We love to see that so we can really focus on the intricacies needed to get those gains in! Keep it up Funds and bring in your friends so we can keep up that good surge!

In other news, a little late but congrats to all the folks that competed in the Richmond races last weekend. I saw a bunch of pictures and it looked like yall did amazing! Did SBCF proud JWith so many people being involved in that type of fitness as well as CrossFit we are talking about doing an endurance class once per week, and in the spring it will mainly turn into a form running class.

Also don’t forget to mark your calendars down for for the night of December 12th. We are going to do our Christmas party that night then roll next door for On the ROX. This is an awesome way to do it since those guys are always so good to us and usually cut a pretty nice discount on the party night ;) We will meet in the gym then head over. Any body that would be willing to bring some snack that would be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the great work, there has been some awesome energy in the gym the last couple of weeks!