Cycle week 8

Hey Guys, info on this week's programming for ya! Shouldn't be too hard of a week. We are going to scale back, get the soreness out of you before we ramp up on our last 3 week training block then another round of maxes! This week shouldn't get any higher than 80% on your oly lifts and the week will consist mainly of accessories. Will be a couple long complexes to keep volume up and weight down from last week, which will be fun. One thing Id like to see out of some of yall this week is faster elbows on your cleans. Ive been watching that habit creep up. It really does destroy your clean if you catch on a soft front rack or elbows low. It will jar down on your arms, eventually causing some tendonitis in the elbows and it will cause your midline to offload forward if its enough weight. Your recievment of the bar on your front rack should be just as quick as your explosion from the triple extension. Think of it like that :) Lets keep getting better!


Also, thanks to everyone that came out to our mock weightlifting meet on Friday. It was a great time and a pleasure to see all those PRs! Cant wait for the next one.

Upcoming events: September's On ramp course will be going on the week of the 14th so put that on your calendars if you've been waiting for the next one. This is a calm environment for all newbies to really get a stronghold on technique of barbell work and skill movements.

This year's Bottom to tap 3 miler is going to be held October 17th. We did this last year and it was a great time with a bunch of folks. Were going to get a team together again this year so mark this date down as well!