Jan 4th- Jan 8th, week 12- Last deload!

Hey Athletes,

So the holidays are over and everyone should be ready to jump on your goals for 2016. Right? well if your not, SBCF is ready to get you ready! We are on week 12. That means this is the last week of the current cycle and next week we are starting new maxes. You all know how much I love these 2 weeks every quarter cycle. This is the time that quanitifys your improvements. This is what shows you that your hard work really is providing results and making you a stronger better person! This week is technically a deload week before we get heavy. However, last week was short so we are pretty much going to try to maintain on strength this week. Oly work will be utilized with power variations, working to doubles and Squats will utilize high volume/low w8. This is how it will go for the first few weeks after maxes as well- hypertrophy baby!

We set up a paleo/clean eating challenge starting on tuesday of this week. I encourage everyone to sign up for this. The cost is $25 and it is meant to keep you on track and motivated as far as what your putting in your body for fuel. The neat thing about how we made this one is that you dont have to be full on paleo to participate. we completely understand that everyone's body composition is different just as everyone's goals are different. Paleo may not fit in with your scenario. But... Clean eating ultimatly should always be a part of your fitness schedule. Eating non-processed, eating lots of vegtables and meats, very little sugars is the staple of all diets. For the month of January, lets see if you can keep up with it! sign up here: