The week of all weeks has finally arrived! The week where everything is put to the test. The week that we tell Sir Isaac Newton to piss off with his so called laws of gravity. This is the week of chest puffin, testosterone pumpin, hand chalkin heavy lifting. THIS IS MAX WEEK BABY!!

Monday we will be starting out with the most difficult test. The Snatch! Remember all the cues you’ve learned. Scoop those knees under the bar; keep those elbows over top of the bar in your scarecrow position. Also, take some extra time on the warm up; work your positions with an empty bar. Wednesday will consist of my favorite, the Clean and Jerk and Friday will be the make up day for any of you who miss a day. Since we’re doing such heavy lifting the WOD’s this week will be a little tame compared to most weeks. We want your body recovered so you can give your PR attempts everything that you have.

Other News:

Don’t forget everyone that the Gym will close after the 6:15 class on Friday and will remained closed for the weekend. We’re finally going to be fixing that pesky floor!