Hey guys, I hope your first Max week went well! For those that hit a PR or finally found a 1 rep max, Congrats that is awesome!! Now you can set new goals for yourself! For those that maybe didn’t reach their goals this time around, don’t worry somedays are better than others. Remember this is a journey not a destination.

If you didn’t already know, we’re on our second week of Maxes. Monday is going to start out with back squats. Tuesday will be an active recovery day. After that we get real heavy with Deadlifts. How much weight can you pull off the floor? Remember everyone that with heavy weight, we need to really concentrate on good form, keep that chest up and that midline tight. Keep the weight on mid foot to your heels. It can get easy to overlook proper technique during the excitement of going for that 1 rep. but remember we want to stay safe while doing so.

Other news:

The floor near the GHD’s has finally been leveled off! Thank goodness! One note that I would like to make on that subject is. Because we want to play it safe and not mess the new floor up, we want to keep the heavy weight from dropping on it this week. The concrete that we poured still needs a little time to cure out. All coaches are aware of this and will instruct you guys not to drop heavy barbells or kettle bells in this area.


Don’t forget 6:15pm class on Thursday will be replaced with a mobility Seminar put on by Airrosti. They will be targeting T-spine and hip mobility. This is a free seminar so come one come all especially if you’ve been having issues with T-spine and Hip.

The last order of business is noon class on Tuesday 4/26/16. This class will be cancelled due to limited coach availability. Sorry for any inconvenience.