Max week info

Hey Team,

Apologies for being a little absent on the cycle info updates. The last few weeks have been strange for me with going on trips, getting married, then honey moon! I know its been a little annoying on the regular gym folks because the schedule had to be changed a few times and it has been as static. We appreciate you guys stepping up and dealing with unexpected open gym times and, some new leaders that volunteered to open the gym and help their fellow athletes out with instruction and form work. Well, it feels good to have things back to normal again! One good thing- you all know, we have been doing Maxes! As with every end to our quarter cycle we test out on 1RMs every 13th and 14th week. Last week, we only concentrated on your Oly movements. We do this on the 13th week because you just came of a deload and being fresh for these complex movements is more important in our eyes. Congrats to all you guys that through up some sweet PRs on your snatch and clean and jerk. One thing I loved seeing last week that many people were not as concerned with hitting “That big number” but more concerned with a solid lift- i.e getting under the bar smoothly, no press outs, no offloads. And what do you know… those big numbers still came! Also, new folks starting out the program, great job learning the movements and practicing getting fluid and comfortable with form! While regulers are maxing this is a great time for “Playing around” with the movements to feel it out more. An undefined rep scheme really allows you to find those good pulls and solid recievements. This week, we will be concentrating more on Power lifts- Squats, Deadlifts, and presses. In same fashion as last week: Mon will be back squats, Tues will be Recovery day, wed will be deadlifts, thurs will be recovery day, and Fri will be make up day. Any day this week, if you still have not found your 1RM in any of your oly lifts(Snatch C&J, clean, or split jerk from rack) then go ahead and substitute that in if you feel ready for it.

Next week we are back on regular programming, starting out week 1 of the last quarter cycle that will take us through the end of the year! Also, next week will start up our week long On-ramp course again! If you aren’t familiar with this 3 class course, this is designed for any newbie: person coming in right off the street knowing nothing about fitness, a grouponer testing out the program, a prior athlete that has been out of the game for a while and wanting to get back into it, or someone just trying to decide if CrossFit is right for them. This will be a slow paced (Non rushed) class setting to teach you the basics of CrossFit and Barbell Strength. We will analyze your movements and identify any mobility restrictions that are hindering the movements from being performed properly and then will correct those restrictions or offloads. If you have been given a login profile these classes will be available to sign up for in the next few days for next week. If you don’t have a login and need to sign up, please contact Coach Alex at amadgar@gmail.com.

Keep on grinding guys! See you all on the mats!