Merry Christmas from SBCF!!!


Hey Awesome people! Couple quick announcements for ya: Obviously weve got a short week being the Christmas holiday is upon us. Even though it’s a short one, we are still on week 10 of our strength cycle. Its technically an increase but well really only have time to do snatches on Monday, power lift on Tuesday and cleans of Wednesday. Thursday we are going to do one class at 11am. I hope everyone can make it for this, we will be celebrating Christmas, the SBCF way, with the 12 days of Christmas wod!

1 lap(4oo M run or row)

2 Snatches 155/105

3 thrusters 155/105

4 MU (Scale w/ 10 dips)

5 Burpees

6 T2B

7 C2B

8 KBS 53/35

9 Box Jumps


11 Clean & Jerks 155/105

12 Man Makers 50/30

After Thursday I encourage you to get a little rest. Weve been on a hard cycle for 10 weeks now and you should be feeling a little sore. A few days off would be great for you going into maxes in a couple weeks. Also I wish everybody a safe and very Merry Christmas!