New coach and schedule change coming

Hello Friends of SBCF.

We’ve got a very exciting announcement to make – Some new things are going on with the gym and we cant wait to get em going! First, congrats to Greg Holmes who is now a manager/head coach and part owner of SBCF! Greg and Alex are now partners in the place that we all love and believe in soo much. As exciting as this is I’m sure a lot of you are going to have questions about what this means for the gym… Is anything going to change? The answer is yes. And of course they are only changes for the better so that we can treat you with the best coaching, the best facility and best practices. Let’s face it… Everyone already knows we have always been the best gym to learn new skills, fitness, and make new friends, but this new partnership is going to allow the owners of SBCF to do sooo much more with their time. As Greg and Alex split the workload of coaching classes, it will allow more time for both partners to explore possibilities in new marketing and advertising campaigns, new joint ventures, new apparel programs, new equipment, new and specialty classes, and quicker turnaround time of regular gym duties. I hope you’re seeing that this is exciting for everyone because all of these adjustments are being passed along to you all, the members! Join me in welcoming Greg to his new role at SBCF. Below are some words of wisdom and an introduction from Greg and some of the ideas/possibilities that he wants to bring to SBCF;

“I’ve been part of this community now for just over a year. I can honestly say that it was the best place for me to land when I was new to Richmond. SBCF has almost literally become my second home. I am extremely honored and grateful for this opportunity. Alex and I have a great outlook of where we want to see this gym go and we want to bring you, the community along for the ride. “

One of the main reasons Greg is coming on board is that Alex’s coaching time is going to drop a lot for the next few months. As he goes through his career academy with Chesterfield Fire and EMS, you won’t see as much of him from middle of Feb to May. This is going to be our only hard time with transitioning into the new dynamic. To make this short time work we are planning on the below changes to the schedule, starting Monday Feb 15th. Once May comes, if you all prefer this we will keep it, if you don’t, we will change it back. One thing we would all definitely appreciate is some feedback on this proposed schedule. We understand that any change can be a little annoying to some people’s routine, while it could greatly benefit others. We have to look at the benefit as a whole while making a schedule that coaches are able to make. Check it out:

For Evening classes, instead of 5,6,7pm, we will move to 5:15,6:15,and 7:15pm. This will allow both members and coaches to get here on time for classes. These are the easy changes as I don’t see it really affecting people either way.

Mornings are going to be the hard part. We are thinking about changing classes on Mon, Wed, and Fri to 5:40 L1, 6:40 L1, and 7:40 Funds. Tues and Thurs will be 6,7am L1, but we will allow an 8am open gym time(you will have to be a long time member in good standing to attend with out coaches present). The 12pm L1 class will now be on tues and thurs as well instead of the current MWF.

4pm open gym time is still normal and Sat classes at 9,10,11am still remain the same.

These changes would make the weekly schedule look something like this:


*Note we are also considering the option to make it a little more uniform and avoid confusion by making the morning classes on tues and thurs at 5:40 and 6:40 also, as will be for the rest of the week. The reason we are thinking about this schedule is so that we don’t completely change it up on you guys. Please let us know which would work best for you by emailing Alex or Greg or voting for it on the Announcements board in the gym.

Remember, this schedule will not start till Feb 15th. Its open to change to whatever we think will be best for the membership base. Also… another possibility: Since all of our coaches have multiple jobs, that’s what makes the morning sessions difficult. If anyone thinks they might be interested in coaching a couple classes a week in the morning (especially the 8am) please let Alex or Greg know. It could be a nice help and a good way to make a few extra bucks!

That’s what we have for ya right now. Look for more exciting things to happen at SBCF soon!

-Alex & Greg