New cycle = Fresh starts

Hey Guys,

So we are all done with maxing and we are entering a new mesocycle, that will last for 12 weeks and will take us into the middle of Feb. I love finishing up a cycle and starting new ones because in an essence it is a bit of a redo/start over button. It makes the programming fresh again and brings new phases of lifting and conditioning to the athletes. One thing that is always good for making gains is keeping the body guessing. Falling into a stale routine can not only be bad for hitting a physical plateau but a mental one as well. I definitely envision this new cycle to bring exciting and challenging movements built in a way that will maximize the progress that you are seeing out of the program. Within this 12 weeks, we are keeping it periodized as always, a good mix of oly and power lifting, an embedded squat cycle, lots of gymnastics and body awareness/ skill work, and of course a regimented mobility plan to stay healthy and improve range of motion and function. This first couple weeks we are going to try to through a lot of things at you to shock the body. this time is going to be a hard hypertrophy phase that will entail light/moderate intensity with high volume challenges for Max effort. Well move into a gymnastics phase from there incurring: skill, core work, grip, and balance, from there the next phase will work on mobility and hammering oly technique(even though this is always the main thought) followed by another squat cycle, then ending the mesocycle with hard conditioning prior to maxes again.. all of that junk being said… Lets get stronger!!!

Also lots of gym announcements guys. Nov 29th, our on Ramp class will be going on again. Don’t forget this last 3 weeks and will be conducted 3 days per week. Please, don’t try to keep the best gym in town to yourself. It would be amazing of all of you to tell your friends and family about this course, as it is the best way to learn about strength and conditioning. also don’t forget to mark your calendars for the night of Dec 10th. SBCF Christmas party will be held that night so come on out drink some egg nog and hang out with some awesome people.

For out thanks giving schedule, note that we will be closed on thanksgiving and Friday the 25th.