Too much excitement going on at SBCF

Hey guys lots going on at SBCF right now;. Sorry there haven’t been too much updates lately on the blog. We got a bunch to drop on you right now though!!

First, we want to release the announcement of out last On Ramp class for the year. This will start Nov 29th, Dec 1st, and Dec 3rd. Same as last time. This will be a 3 week introduction to the common movements of crossfit, Oly/ power lifting, and gymnastics, given tues, thurs @ 7:15, and sat @ 10am. This is an amazingly successful program for starting people on their fitness journeys. Note: this class will take precedence over the 7:15 L1 class during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is very helpful at transitioning newbies and helps everyone in the long run. So… I know everyone reading this knows of someone that has asked them before about their CrossFit gym- What is that? Does it work? Can anyone do it? Well this is the time for you to tell those folks there is no better time than now to get started on making life changes! You have experienced the benefits and how strong the community is, so share that with your friends and family now. People can learn more by contacting us through our website or they can check out our groupon offering here: https://www.groupon.com/deals/shockoe-bottom-crossfit-1

Since it’s a new deal, it may be hard for folks to find so have any friends or family use this link. Also to help you help us pack this class up, we will also offer 15$ off your next monthly payment for referrals that sign up for the class!

Second update, We posted it on our group page the other day but for anyone not a member of that(facebook us so we can add you), we are providing a speciel Oly Lifting clinic on Oct 23rd at 11am. This will be for all folks: 1 coach will be working with beginners on fundamental positions and theories of the snatch and CJ. Another coach will be working with veterans on the intricate details of pulling and receiving which may be a little different for any given athlete. Bottom line- your lifts will get better no matter who you are so come in and get a knowledge bomb dropped on ya! be a little different for any given athlete. Bottom line- your lifts will get better no matter who you are so come in and get a knowledge bomb dropped on ya! The other part of this will be an in-house mock weightlifting meet a week later. we do require that any participants have a good understanding of the movements. All are encouraged to come and have a good time though! This will be a laid back environment, nothing official, but hold true to 3 attempts each. and of course we will hold true to SBCF values and be boozing it up after and during for those not lifting! So come hang out and maybe get a new PR!!

Third update, we are going to tryout a little change with the schedule. We think the Barbell club has been starting to get ignored a little while the L1 class is going on at 6:15pm. To prevent this we are going to Barbell only at 6:15pm on Tuesday and Thursdays only. We've done it before and it worked out really well. We feel a coach’s attention is actually more important in a weightlifting class more so then a crossfit class but newbies tend to enter the crossfit session more so. This does not mean you cant do the WOD at this time, but it will not be coached as intently. That focus will be shifted to the barbell class instead. This means if your not comfortable setting up for a wod without a coach then make sure you are doing the wod at 515 or 615 for the evenings on tues/thurs.

4th announcement, we are on week 11 for our strength programming. That means we got a deload as far as intensity next week and we are maxing out again! Since we had a squat cycle in the middle of this macro cycle, we have already hammered out squats. That only leaves oly movements, deadlifts and a couple make up days. This timing is perfect because our oly seminar will lead you right into this max out week!

Lastly, every year we always have a Christmas party , which pretty much is the coolest event of the year… This year, the party will be on Dec 10th. Make that day available, you don’t want to miss it! I know that’s a lot guys, I appreciate you reading all the way through. See yall in the dojo!