Week 1, On-Ramp, and program updates

Hey team!

Big Update for our new cycle starting up and the programming involved! A lot of really cool things are going on. First, I want to hit on and talk a little more about that word “Team” I just used. Everyone in the Shockoe CrossFit community, is on a team, our team! I see people from all backgrounds get together with the sole purpose of making themselves and others in this community better. Better at what you ask? Sometimes I think that’s a hard question to answer… well fitness and strength of course. But, I think there is also more to it than just that. What is that “Better” that people find within CrossFit and Shockoe Bottom CrossFit specifically. Well, what Ive found and what I see others find is Friendship above all else, the ability to learn, listen, and change your thoughts and actions, the ability to be compassionate of others in struggle, and to learn who you “really” are by being broken down and then being built back up! That’s who we are, that’s what we do, and that’s what we teach other’s to do. I consistently saw it over the last couple weeks when people were having trouble with a lift they wanted and others would pick them up and ultimately help them make the lift! Along with that: Chelsea, Cameron, and Bashir absolutely smoked there first CrossFit Competition and Mitch continued doing what he always does at Festivus competition this past weekend. Great work guys! This Coming weekend lets watch Mark and Jordan do the same thing, representing at a weightlifting meet. A community’s identity isn’t created, by one or two people, its grown by the majority. And when I see our community I see all those good traits spreading from one another. This maxing out period sure showed improvements in more ways than one!:)

Because of what we’ve been seeing we also have been improving on this upcoming mesocycle to benefit you even more! we decided to revamp our strength schedule a little bit and add in a lot more conditioning. As a coaching group we decided that would be good to change it up and keep your muscles guessing. Our Olympic and power lifting will still be on a periodized increasing scale with a deaload every 4th week. 1 day a week will be more conditioning oriented, one day will be conditioning oriented but with a skill instruction and or accessory, 2 Oly Days(Snatch or Clean & Jerk) per week, 1 power day(Squat or deadlift) and another accessory day. The order will rotates so if you only come MWF, you wont be stuck with the same thing every week. We think this orientation will allow a better degree of being well rounded, still gaining strength, and being able to stay fresh. We really know SBCF has the best programming in the area, and being able to install some changes into a quarter cycle while still keeping the periodization scale the way it is, is no easy task. But hey… look who we got doing this- a national weightlifting competitor, a true constantly varied athlete showing off skills in Iron Mans, Bodybuilding, CrossFit, and now weightlifting as well, a collegiate athlete and coach, and a true student of exercise science. Not only that, if we didn’t have this group of committed people that understand why and how we do things, we wouldn’t be able to do it! So I say thanks to all of you for always putting in work, getting better every day, and showing pride in what you do. It completely shows with all those amazing PRs we got last week!!! And we think they are just going to keep rolling in with this year’s last quarter cycle that we are starting! I have to say I got a little jealous of all these gains so thanks guys for motivating me for the American Open coming up in a couple months!

Also, We have our Monhtly SBCF On-Ramp course scheduled for this week. Monday the 19th, Wed the 21st, and Fri the 23rd at 6:15 all you newbies, groupon users, trial classes, and anyone that has been waiting for a good time to start/try out CrossFit, This is it! This 3 class course is an introduction at a slow pace to the Olympic and power lifts, Common gymnastics, and how a WOD will generally work. Bring your friends in and lets start your fitness journey today! Contact Alex at amadgar@gmail.com to schedule your spot now or check out our website and contact info.

As far as specifics on what we got going for week 1, obviously weight/intensity is dropping a good bit and volume will be up. High volume scenarios may seem a little more difficult because hopefully all of you should be using new PRs now. For our Oly Lifting, we our going to start off using blocks. If you haven't used them before, this should put the bar right at the end of your first pull or maybe a little higher, above the knee. Youll also see some gymnastics instruction/practice time along with our accessories.

Keep on grinding!