Week 11 update


Hey Everyone. Quick update on everything that is going on in the Gym. We finished up the grueling 5 week long open about a week and a half ago. That final workout was a doozy. For me it brought back some painful memories. I am happy to say that I Pr’d my time on the workout by almost 10 minutes. I guess this fitness thing is working. Congrats to everyone who finished it. You should be proud!

We’re on Week 11 of our cycle, meaning its almost max week. My body is tingling with excitement. I can’t wait to watch everyone hit PR’s and reach goals. And hopefully set some new goals for the next cycle. Next week will be a de-load week. This will allow your body to recover a little before attempting the big weight in week 13.

Mark your Calendars!! Thursday April 28th at 6:15pm we will be hosting Airrosti at the gym for a mobility seminar. This is a great opportunity for all of you to come in and learn about common mobility issues that you may be experiencing and ways to fix it. This seminar will have a main focus on T-Spine and Hip mobility. I know that I need it. The best part is, It’s completely free for our members. 6:15 Pm class will have to unfortunately be cancelled, but this is well worth it!