WEEK 12 - The Calm before the PR's


Hey everyone. Hope your week is going well. I could use a break from this cold. Just here for a few updates on the gym. We’re in week 12 of our cycle meaning it’s a de-load week. This gives us an opportunity to get our bodies recovered before next week. Which we all know now is MAX WEEK!!! YYAAAAASSSSSS!!!. I can’t wait. It’s time to put all of our hard work to the test. I expect to see a lot of PR’s next week especially with any of you knew folks in the gym. Make sure to give your body some rest this weekend in order to prepare for next week.

In other news. Don’t forget everyone that Airrosti will be at the gym on Thursday April 28th at 6:15 for a mobility seminar. This will provide a great opportunity for you to ask some pretty knowledgbable people on what you can do to fix some mobility issues that you may have.

Also, Friday April 22nd we will be cancelling the 7:15pm class in order for us to get rid of that pesky valley in the floor next to the GHD’s. No more runaway barbells! Unfortunately because we will be pouring some concrete and need to let it cure, we will need to cancel the classes Saturday April 23rd. I know it’s not ideal to have to close the gym but I promise you that it is to make some much needed improvements and all of you will be happy with the end result.