Week 4 De-load week, new schedule and Crossfit open


Hey everyone. I hope you’re enjoying this snowy winter weather. I know I’m not. Here is an update on where we’re at in our cycle. Right now we’re on week 4 which is our first de-load week. This means you are going to see a decrease in percentage for a working weight. The majority of the strength this week will not exceed 75% for your working weight and will get as low as 65%. In L1 and Barbell you will see some complex EMOM’s and 3 rep maxes. This should be around 70-75% of your current 1 RM.

New Schedule

Reminder, that this week is the start of our new schedule. We had a small issue with setting up our class on the admin side. We were not able to select 5:40, 6:40 and 7:40 as an option for class times. This is why you will see 5:45, 6:45, and 7:45. Please note that classes will begin at 40 minutes past the hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the morning. We’re currently working on resolving this issue.


Crossfit Open

The open is upon us and I am overly excited for it. February 25th marks the start of the 2016 Crossfit open. This is a great way for you to see where you stack up against the rest of the WORLD. For those that don’t know about the open, it is a five week online competition of sorts. Every week there will be a workout released. On Saturday morning we will all come in and do the open workout together. Depending on how many people sign up we will need to have multiple heats. This is a great community builder event. It gives a chance for you to get to know people in our community that maybe you don’t normally see or workout with. Also, did I mention brunch after? After we’re finished with the open workouts on Saturday morning we will head over to River City Diner to feed our body’s bacon, hash browns, pancakes, eggs and any other kind of Gainz you can think of.
To register for the open go to games.crossfit.com