Week 6 – 2/29 – 3/4

Hey, Everyone, I hope you’ve recovered from that brutally long 16.1 work out. My quads are still feeling it from those lunges. If you haven’t fully recovered make sure to take some extra time to mobilize and stretch. We’re at our half way point in our cycle. That means we’re getting heavy. We will be working up to 90% in a lot of our lifts and working to find 2 rep maxes, which should be around 88-92% of your current 1 rep. When we do multiple rep maxes, we often get the question. “Can I let go of the bar between my 2 reps when doing a 2 rep max?” Short answer, YES. Long answer, do not rest in between the 2 reps. Let go of the bar after your first rep, let the bar settle, take a breath and go again.

Along with our strength this week we want to be working a lot on skills. This means gymnastics, how to move efficiently on the rig and getting upside down. This unfortunately also means double under’s. I want to see everyone force themselves to work on their skills this week, Push yourself to attempt those double under’s in the WOD or go for that unassisted pull up. That’s how we get better.

16.1 Complete

In other news, A bunch of us completed 16.1 one this weekend and had a blast doing it…..actually we had a blast at brunch afterwards. The WOD was a grueling 20 minutes that left your quads and lungs burning like the deep fiery pits of hell. (Only Joking) It was a great turn out and very cool to see everyone cheer each other on as they tested their fitness. Don’t forget everyone that you need to have your scores submitted by 8:00 Pm tonight.


Week 2 of the open is here and we would love to see an even bigger turn out for Saturday. We will be streaming the live announcement Thursday night at the gym at 8:00pm. Last week was a lot of fun even though someone’s dog got the best of me. Feel free to stop on by the gym, bring your friends, dogs, and most importantly, food.