week 6, Thanksgiving! 11/23 - 11/29


Got some info for the week of thanksgiving: 11/23 – 11/28. We will be closed on Thanksgiving day and the day after(Thurs and Fri). I want to do a special thanks giving day WOD on Sat instead of Thanksgiving day so people will have more time with their families. Get ready for a good one ;) If you have friends or family in town please bring them in for a fun wod! Even though this is a short week it should be a tough one for when we are working. We are right in the middle of this last quarter cycle at week 6. Being that were half way though this period, we are going to get a little heavy with some max doubles for our Oly lifts, No variations-just straight from the floor and catch as low as you can. Hopefully these doubles should be somewhere around 88-92% of your 1 RM. Hopefully a little higher since we should all be stronger since our 1 RMs were tested last ;) One question I always get when we work doubles is ‘Do I have to hold onto the bar for my 2nd rep?” No. You don’t have to hold your grip for the second rep, Feel free to drop it. When you do this please make sure your not hanging out and recovering though. Reset immediately so that you are working heavy weight in an anaerobic fashion but still doing strength endurance at the same time. Im not going to tell you exactly what reps and percentages to put on the bar for this. Feel it out depending on how the weight is going that day. There is no wrong way to do it but start out with a couple res at 60ish% and move about 5% till you get where you need to be. We are starting the week off with and accessory strength day and a cardio wod, Tuesday and Wednesday, we are doing our doubles!

Along with strength I want to work a lot of skill this week to go along with our wods! Mon, Tues, and Wed we are going to leave a little bit of time to hammer down the gymnastics movements that you will see in the wod for that day. Try to force yourself to rx the movement and maybe take a little bit longer. Don’t fall in that trap of being content with scaling down DU, Pullups, T2B, C2B, MU, dips, etc.

Also don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Christmas party on the 12th. It is fast approaching and cant wait to hang out and booze it up a little with all our athletes and family!