WEEK 7: 3/7 – 3/11


We are over the half way point of our current cycle. For week 7 you will see a drop in our volume but an increase in our intensity. This week Level 1 will be getting heavy with their Oly Lifts, working up to 88-90% of your 1 RM. Funds will be increasing squat volume and working a lot of cleans and snatches from the hang position. Barbell is looking to get heavy as well. We will be finding some 3 RM and work up to heavy singles in different variations of our Oly lifts. Barbell folks will also see a lot of accessory work this week.

Other news:

16.2 was interesting to watch to say the least. I think a lot of folks including myself underestimated it. I saw Coach Alex go to the pain cave on Saturday and absolutely crush it. Don’t forget that you need to submit your score by 8:00pm tonight for us to validate it.

16.3 is next, any guesses on what it will be? I don’t know why but I’m guessing and maybe hoping for thrusters. We will be doing the same thing as last week. On Thursday evening after the 7:15pm class we will be streaming the announcement live at the gym. On Saturday, we will work out at 10:00am.


Classes have been getting very full lately especially the 5:15pm class. We highly encourage everyone to sign up for class. This really helps the coaches prepare for each class and how it should run. All classes have been posted for the week, so get in and reserve your spot. Also, if you’re a regular funds class attender, don’t shy away from the L1 classes. This is a great way to improve those skills of yours and just like a funds class; we can scale anything in L1.