Week 8 deload & Christmas party on the 12th!!

Hey Athletes, we got a lot going on this week and next with events and programming! First off- our strength agenda is on a deload this week, being that it’s the 8th week of the cycle and the fouth week of this training block. Volume is going to be up, especially for power lifts. We are going to work some pauses for our Oly lifts and drop that intensity a little bit. Were also going to add in some EMOMs to help you stay on track for the extra reps. Wods will stay pretty strenuous being in the 13-16 min range and will incorporate a little more oly lifting then usual, but we will utilize hangs and powers to keep the movements going quickly. Barbell classes will primarily work up to mid 80s% and have a little more accessory work this week. Fundamentals is primarily going to be working power variations for the oly lifts and I want you guys to focus on your pulls- using a good S-curve while keeping it close!

In other news don’t forget that this weekend is our Christmas party! Were going to get going around 8:30pm on Sat the 12th. So come thirsty and come hungry, and get ready to be beaten down in some beer pong by Alex! Anybody that can contribute a snack would be extremely appreciated. I will provide the beer! If you want to drink anything harder than that, its all you :) Plan on moving it next door to On the Rox about 10-10:30 to continue the fun. These guys are great and always set us up and accommodate us very nicely when we have people over. Don’t forget to put on your best tacky Christmas sweater or else you have drunk burpees haha

We are also going to be doing the Christmas crippler WOD on Sat morning so we don’t feel too bad about boozing it up that night! If you haven’t signed up to summit your wod yet, do so at http://reblca.com/christmascrippler/ using the team “Shockoe Bottom CF”. Youll be able to see your rank and get a sweet shirt also! If you don’t sign up, that’s fine you can still do the WOD with us! We are going to do it at 10am sat morning and this will be the only class that sat (No 9 or 11am). Do it! It will be fun and well treat it kind of like how we do open wods J

Also don’t forget next week we will be running our On-ramp course on Mon, Wed, Fri @ 6:15pm. These are a great way to learn about our program and get introduced to our core movements. If you have friends and family that have been wondering about CrossFit this is the perfect time to bring them in and get started. Tell them to contact Alex to reserve their sport today and take advantage of our referral bonus!