Week 9 - 3/21-3/26

We’re at the beginning of Week Nine now in our current cycle. This means we’re in the final block of our training before our 1 RM week! Over the next few weeks we’re going to increase intensity strength. On week 12 we’re going to bring the intensity back down a little before our Max out week. Olympic lifting is going to be straight forward this week, meaning we won’t be doing any variations of lifts. Just straight up lifting weight. You will be seeing some drop sets with our Oly lifting in order to keep our muscles guessing.

Power lifting is going to be fairly varied this week. We’re going to utilize everything from bench press, EMOM’s in squats and deadlift complexes. The WOD’s this week are going to be tough. There’s no sugar coating it this week. If at all possible, take some extra time this week to work on your mobility before and after class.


This past weekend a bunch of us completed 16.4 and it was a doozy. I know I felt it on Sunday. Don’t forget to get your scores posted by 8:00pm tonight so we can validate them. If you plan on redoing the workout please make sure you’re not interrupting a class to do so. Talk with whoever is coaching and make sure that it is alright for you to do it.

16.5 CrossFit Open Conclusions

This week marks the final week of the open. I’m sure Dave Castro has something up his sleeve that we’re all going to hate. My guess this week is Thrusters and Box Jumps but who knows. We will be doing a live viewing of the announcement after the 7:15pm Class Thursday night. I hope to see all of you there as we say goodbye to another year of the Open.