WOD – 12/22/2014

Week 12, 12/22 – 12/27
Merry Christmas and Happy coming new year to all the athletes at SBCF! Before we get into the programming guys,
I want yall to know that I really think family and friends are the most important things in life. So appreciate and enjoy

one another on this short week. Don’t worry too much about finding the time to get into the gym: relax, eat some

comfort food, play with all the new toys you get, and most of all-enjoy your families. It doesn’t matter which holiday

you celebrate, it only matters that your with the people you want to be celebrating them with. I know myself and all

the other coaches at SBCF feel that way about all the members and that is why we were all so glad to have such an

awesome time with all of you last week at the SBCF Christmas party.

Besides the awesomeness of Christmas it just so happens that the end of our cycle has fallen on this week. We will draw

maxes out a little longer than normal due to funky schedules and vacations. But lets welcome in the christamas week

with some new snatch PRs on Monday!! I guarantee you, you will feel much better about not doing much this week if you

put a big PR up on Monday. Focus on it and will your goals to happen! Tomorrow the Funds wod and L1 Wod will be exactly

the same so no matter what level your at feel free to come into any class. Wed and Thurs the gym will be closed and Friday

we will only have open gym from 12pm to 3pm. We will catch back up with heavy lifting on Sat and intermittingly keep it

going for the next couple weeks with heavy day and back off days. See you in the gym!

**See Whiteboard link above for more WOD info**