How To Start

So you have decided to fulfill your potential as an athlete or at least you decided to come check us out! Now what?

  • Sign up for a free workout here: Or if you have any questions at all and want to speak to a coach use the "contact us" form and we will walk you through the process and sign you up for a free trial ourselves.

  • Or if you know you are ready to start your fitness journey with SBCF, go ahead and create a login now. Click on the "SBCF Kiosk” on our home page, Click sign up under new members and choose which option is best for you! 

  • After signing up, you will go through a series of fundamentals/intro classes to receive a better understanding of the types of movements/lifts that you will see in any given CrossFit class. Understanding of these movements and being able to do proper form is crucial. After start of Fundamentals classes, or the On-Ramp course, you will be sufficient to enroll in any class.

If you are trying to redeem a living social or groupon deal, for our On ramp course or the 5 class athletes package, please use the contact form and send us your, name, email, and voucher number. Any questions about your deal can be answered through this forum as well. We will get back to you ASAP about when you can start.