SBCF Schedule Update And New Classes As Of Apr 20th 2015

Hey Friends we have a couple updates that we are really excited about rolling out. Please take the time to read this as this schedule will now be the norm and we want you to have as much info as possible!

First off we have gone to a simpler schedule to keep it easier on you guys and give you more of what you need and want. As you can see in the weekly schedule below, we have added in a Barbell/strength class every day of the week. With that time slot, we are also going to keep level 1 class going every day. Each of these classes at 6pm will be maxed out at 8 people. Please make sure you actually sign up for classes regardless of time so that we can concentrate on giving you the coaching you deserve. We also went back and put all the Funds classes at 5pm and all the barbell/L1 classes at 6pm (No switching it up from day to day). We feel this will make things easier to remember which class you are showing up to. As long as we are on the Funds vs. level 1 topic let me explain the purpose of each class and why we have both. There are varying degrees of technique that each person can take before becoming bogged down when learning a lift. As a lifter or crossfit athlete becomes more seasoned and understands the general idea, he or she can take in and apply those technical intricacies much easier and efficiently. To keep things understandable, we feel (as well as other high caliber coaches in the sport) that it is necessary for a coach to drill the basics for someone relatively new until they can understand and put into action tweaks in their first pulls, second and third pulls, proper weight distribution, and joint torsion. It is obvious that you first must learn what a snatch is and be comfortable with force production, and overhead mobility before we go into those intricacies. That is what Funds is for. That is also not to say that if you are past that point that you cant go to a Funds class, everybody is welcome in the basics! But if you are a veteran and in a funds class please be prepared to be patient and sit through the basics as the coach is going over the movements. Because you know what the movements are, please, don’t set up early and start going through it as its being explained J



The second large schedule change is that we are adding in an “On Ramp course” the last 2 weeks of every month on Mon, Wed, and Fri at 6:15 pm! This will take precedence over the L1 class those two weeks but Barbell will still be going on simultaneously. We are really excited about getting this course going because it gives new folks a laid back environment to learn and meet others while learning the gym and our methodology. It will only last 45 mins and if you have been in the gym a couple months and are still having trouble remembering the names of the lifts or figuring out how a WOD works then this will be a great class for you. New folks coming in or starting up groupons, this is your class! These classes must be accomplished even if you start at the beginning of the month with other funds classes. A coach can by-pass you if you believe you don’t need to be in the course, but for the most part if you are new, you need to do these! If your starting up the program and don’t attend, you will need to wait for the next one, so please be diligent about these. You will also receive a course packet when starting the on Ramp which will explain each instruction.

The next addition to the gym is that we are assigning you all to teams led by one of the coaches. Each coach: Alex, Mark, Van, and Kelsey will have their divided up teams in their own facebook groups. When you come into the gym you will be assigned one coach to have as your team leader/mentor. Groups will be announced in the next couple of days. The SBC athletes group is still live and this, ofcourse is for the entire gym. That group is still for general announcements and fun chit chat J If you haven’t been added to this yet, please friend one of the coaches so they can add you in. There’s two main purposes for smaller units: 1) This gives members an opportunity to ask questions amongst a smaller group then the whole gym. You may feel more comfortable with the smaller ones and it enables the coach to manage more questions/concerns about results and goals more efficiently. 2) We are also going to have CrossFit tournaments amongst the four groups and the winners get to claim the SBCF trophy!! More competition in the gym is always a good thing and should only be meant to motivate. We will try our best to divide the teams up as evenly as possible to keep that competition strong. Teams will compete 1 Saturday a month in place of the competitors/pain train wod

Let one of your coaches know if you have any questions about these changes/additions and we hope you are excited about them as we are! Please note the new schedule will start on Monday apr 20th along with the On ramp class. If you intend to or need to take the on ramp class please be sure to sign up for it so we can plan accordingly.


SBCF Coaching Staff