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Membership Options

Select one of our membership options to start training with us!

Unlimited 12 Month


The unlimited 12 month membership is our bread and butter. You get the most bang for your buck here. You have access to all different class types and class times. If you sign up this membership you will automatically have access to the next On-Ramp course for no cost. Start your fitness journey with SBCF today and signup now.

Unlimited 6 Month


Unlimited 6 month membership is a great option. Includes all classes and class times. Often times people will do this if they know they are moving or will be coming into a strenuous workload in the near future. An amazing price for a short term. You will have the ability to upgrade to a 12 month at any time!

Unlimited 3 Month


The unlimited 3 Month membership is great if your not completely sure if your going to stick with our amazing strength and conditioning program. A little more expensive per month obviously, but hey…. its still worth way more for what your getting. If your testing out the program with this option, you will be able to upgrade to a less costly option at anytime when your ready!

12 Month, 2x per week


This membership option gives you access to 2 classes per week. This is great for someone that may need an extended amount of time to acclimate their body to sport and fitness. If you are trying to maintain and not gain, or if you are committed to another gym, this may be a great option for you.
*Disclaimer- we believe that you will not get the full results out of the SBCF program with 2x per week. We believe 4 days is ideal.

12 Month Pre Pay


Awesome discount if paid upfront for a year. Save $480 if you want to get it out of the way! Access to everything in the most experienced and interactive fitness program there is.

Attendance Packs / Punch Cards

Drop in class


Out of town Crossfitters: Please purchase a single class her to drop into SBCF. Make sure you email us as well before you visit

10 class Punch Card


The 10 class punch card is usually bought by athletes that are not quite sure if they want to commit to the program yet. Purchase this and receive 10 classes at SBCF. Must use within 90 days of purchase.

20 class Punch Card


The 20 class punch card is a great option to get a good amount of classes in if you cant commit to a regular membership. Price is still higher per class, but is only a one time fee

  • Available Discounts: VCU Student, Military, Fire, Police, EMS = 20% off each monthly rate.
  • Family Discount: 10% of monthly rate for 2nd member, 20% off monthly rate for each additional member.
  • Continued membership bonus will allow you to receive another 5% off your monthly rate when you re up your memberships, max amount is 20% after multiple renewals.