Supplement Orders

The following is the presentation slides from the SBCF nutrition Seminar hosted by Tina Shiver at Lighten Up Nutrition. This is some excellent info to help you eat the way that is best for YOUR body and YOUR goals. (no one diets fits everyone perfectly). Use this wisely in conjunction with supplementation from Comp Edge and see how your body keeps up with you now!

CROSSFIT Nutrition

Great News guys!

SBCF is now offering a super easy way for all our members to buy great supplements specifically designed for athletes! Competitive Edge supplements has devised some great formulas for healthy function, recovery, pre & post workout. We are also purchasing all of these on wholesale prices with no markup for the gym so you guys are getting the best prices for supplements specifically made to interact with your current workouts. The best thing about how we set up this structure is everything will be delivered right to your front door within days! All you have to do is create a profile below and this will allow you to purchase supplements and send them straight to any address you want. From protein to Pre-workout to fish oils, this is the easiest way to get what your body needs. Also check out some more info on the listed products and what they actually do for you below:




When you find any product that you would like hit submit and that tell SBCF to charge your card that you have on fille and the order will be delivered to the address you give.