What Is SBC

What Is Shockoe Bottom CrossFit?

Shockoe Bottom CrossFit is small CrossFit box in Ricmond VA. We are extremely team oriented and have a very close membership base! We offer a mix of classes that fit into anyone’s schedule: CrossFit WODs, Fundamentals, Beginner's On Ram, Yoga, Personal Training, Strength Conditioning, and Open Gym Time are offered to all members for no extra fees. Members also have access to an interactive profile sourced by triib.com where they can track progress, see history of workouts and stats, sign up for classes, and contact members and coaches with questions.

Are all Gyms/coaches the same?

The answer to this question is NO. First let me say at Shockoe CrossFit, our style of working out is NOT dangerous, as some other gyms maybe. You may have heard stories from friends getting injured in CrossFit, and have let that skew your idea of what this actually entails. This idea has grown because not all CrossFit gyms, and crossfit coaches for that matter, are created equal. CrossFit has become a popular commodity and the problem with that is the door has been opened to many impostors. The coaches at shockoe bottom CrossFit are loaded with experience and specifically trained to catch when movement faults are happening and to correct them so that injury does not occur. We intimately work at finding and correcting any potential for danger. For this reason, CrosrossFit is very safe and very beneficial at SBCF. This creates an environment were you will find health and fitness, community and friendship, and your true potential!


Why Our Coaches Are The Best

Alex Madgar

Head Coach

Alex Madgar, coach and co-owner at shockoe bottom crossfit has had a passion for athleticism his entire life. Alex has played a multitude of sports through out his athletic career then narrowing it down to football which he played at the collegiate level. After his football career, Alex became involved in amateur MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. After finding the CrossFit community he decided to concentrate his efforts only on the “Sport of Fitness”. in 2012 Alex opened Shockoe CrossFit, and dedicated himself to making Richmond strong and fit! Alex's true passion is studying the hundreds of finite details within Olympic lifting to master the sport. In 2015 he competed in the USAW American Open. Alex is also a certified Firefighter 1 & 2 and national registered EMT, working for Chesterfileld County. Certificates that Alex holds range from crossfit L1& 2, mobility, USAW Sports performance and Advanced sports performance level 2, and personal training

Kyle Sutton

Kyle Sutton joined SBCF with an extreme passion to learn and a love for the sport in 2013. Kyle Received his CrossFit Level 1 certification in early 2014 and is currently studying for CSCS. Kyle is a great student of the sport of weightlifting and has become extremely knowledgeable and helpful in form issues of the Oly lifts. He plans on getting his USAW sports performance coach certification in early 2016. Kyle also works full time as a director for Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Greg Holmes

Greg started with SBCF as an Athlete in late 2014. He is a transplant from Minnesota, coming to Richmond for his job in Pre-fab concrete. Greg became Co-Owner of SBCF in 2015 and has completely dedicated himself to coaching fitness through intensity and technique. He recieved his CrossFit L1 certification in 2015 as well and is currently working on multiple other certifications. 

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